Waterjet Perforation

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The key to coalbed methane production is largely protecting the permeability developed in the cleats from such detrimental substances as acids, xylene-toluene, gasoline-benzene-diesel, condensate-strong solvents, bleach, gels, foams, strong surfactants-formers, and 100-mesh sand…Generation of coal fines is a major cause of stimulation failures, high decline rates and resulting low gas productivity…. Fracturing gels and most other conventional stimulation additives have generally proven to be detrimental to CBM production.[1]

“The most important revelation for coalbed methane was when people realized this is a play specific resource,” Kelso added. The coal and completion techniques are different in every play and the companies that are successful are those that step outside the box and approach each play from a different angle.[2]

In summary, every coal well is different. It is imperative to document and monitor each treatment and step in the completion and production cycle. The minimum treatment necessary is best to minimize any damage to the coal and maximize the natural permeability, which is already present.[3]

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