How It Works


In cased wells with multiple pay zones, the process is repeated at precise predetermined depths resulting in numerous slots with a significant area of exposure and drainage in the coal seam. In open hole completions, the area of influence of the jet completed well is far greater than achieved by the under-reaming process presently used for completion.

The CenJet90 cutting apparatus is capable of deploying into a two inch ID casing.The jetted completion results in a sixteen to twenty-foot diameter area of exposure to the formation at multiple depths, eliminating the cost and potential damage of a frac job in most wells, and better directs the frac if implemented.

The focused cutting stream, capable of cutting through 16 inches of steel uses approximately 4 gallons of water per minute pressurized to 55,000 psi, exits the cutting head at mach 3 enabling the tool to “horizontally drill” and never physically leave the vertical well bore.

The jetting process typically requires only two days on the site, and the costs are far less than conventional completion techniques.

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